How to Read Your Ohio Accident Report

In the event of an Ohio car accident, it is critical for injury victims to provide their insurance providers with the most accurate and detailed information. But obtaining and understanding accident report HSY 7001, typically filed by law enforcement officials, can be difficult and confusing. The information below provides accident victims with a step-by-step guide to understanding your Ohio car accident report.

Top of Page 1

Officers record when and where your crash occurred, including city, date, time and severity.

Middle of Page 1

Important information about the location of your crash and type of crash are recorded. This information includes the type of road (such as an intersection or onramp) and road conditions. Additionally, officers record the manner of the crash - such as a rear-end crash or head-on collision.

Bottom of Page 1

Officers responding to the crash write how they believe the crash occurred. To the right, officers also have a chance to draw a pictorial diagram of the crash. Review this information carefully. It is critical for the responding officer to accurately describe the accident in detail.

Top of Page 2

Driver information is recorded by law enforcement, including name, address, vehicle make/model and insurance information. Vehicle damage is also assessed by officers reporting to the accident scene.

Middle to Bottom of Page 2

Officers use these checkboxes to record information about how your crash occurred, including pre-crash actions (such as making a left turn) and contributing circumstances. Officers then record the sequence of events of which the crash occurred and estimated speeds of each vehicle involved.

Carefully review this information. It may be used by an insurance company or another driver to determine fault in an accident and compensation owed to parties involved.

Top/Middle of Page 3

Contact information is recorded for other parties involved in the accident. Officers also record injuries sustained by involved parties, seating position, suspected drug/alcohol use, driver distraction and (if applicable) offenses charged at the scene of the accident. Codes used by officers are found below.

Page 4

Officers use this space to record additional contact and injury information for vehicle occupants and accident witnesses.

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