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How common is workplace hearing loss and who is the most at risk?

How often do we take job-related hearing hazards into account? Apparently not enough, but the truth is, hearing loss isn't only confined to those who frequently attend loud concerts. Each year, millions of workers in the United States are exposed to extreme noise on the job. Manufacturing, in particular, is one industry where hearing loss...

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Ohio attorney on best ideas to prevent workplace slip, trip and fall accidents

In many workplaces, slippery floor surfaces and various debris and clutter put workers at risk of slipping, tripping, and falling. Slipping hazards can be caused by spilled liquids or water being tracked in from outdoors. Where do workplace slip, trip and fall accidents occur the most? Slip, trip and fall hazards are one of the...

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The best ideas to avoid forklift fall-through

In 2017, roughly 270,000 injuries were reported in the transportation and warehousing industry, according to injury facts released by the National Safety Council (NSC). Approximately 819 fatalities were reported within the same industry that year, following just behind the construction industry. The number of deaths reportedly grew by 5.3 percent from 2016-2017. More than a...

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Office chairs should support the body in a healthy position because the alternative is pain and missed work

Companies that spend more money on the right chairs for employees are seeing business success by embracing ergonomics. Most employees who feel at ease at their workplaces do their jobs with a positive attitude and better motivation, according to EHS Today. Chairs that clash with, instead of comfort, a worker's body, when the worker spends numerous consecutive...

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Lower Ohio Unemployment Means an Increase in Workplace Injuries

An unemployment rate of 3.6 percent sounds good, right? In one regard, this is good news. The economy has improved, and more people are working. There is a downside, however -- more workplace accidents resulting in injury, according to an article in Insurance Journal Report. What's driving the increase in workplace accidents? Mark Walls, vice...

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Elevator-Related Construction Accidents Causing Widespread Injuries

Elevators provide an essential way to navigate large buildings. In order to remain safe to use, they must be properly built and maintained, however. For many workers, constructing, servicing, and repairing elevators is a dangerous job. According to a Quarterly Data Report by the Center for Construction Research and Training (CPWR), elevator-related construction deaths fluctuated...

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Ohio Workers’ Comp Attorneys Discuss How Employers Can Monitor Workplace Fatigue

Workplace fatigue isn't just the feeling of being tired; it's a much greater problem that is often difficult to detect. It affects just about every industry imaginable and often results in poor performance and serious accidents. It usually manifests as physical and mental exhaustion, diminished motivation, irritability, inability to focus, and even physical pain. According to Safety...

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