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How our attorneys help Troy residents

People who live and work in Troy, Ohio, understand the value of hard work. At Hochman & Plunkett Co., L.P.A., we pride ourselves on it. Our experienced attorneys have worked to protect the rights of injury victims throughout the Greater Miami Valley since 1969. We know the area. We know the courts. We know how - and why - accidents happen in Troy. That's why we work so hard on behalf of the injured Ohioans who need it most. We are the highly qualified Troy workers' compensation attorneys you need to fight back after an injury on the job.

An accident can happen fast. But simply recovering from your injuries may be the beginning of a difficult process. Medical bills and lost wages keep adding up. Insurance companies might say you deserve less. The at-fault person might say, "I did nothing wrong." If you've been in an accident and want to fight for maximum compensation, you deserve a hard-working, honest legal team on your side, fighting for the benefits you need to get life back on track. Likewise, if you've been hurt on the job, you deserve a Troy work accident lawyer who knows how to fight. You deserve Hochman & Plunkett.

Our attorneys at our Troy office handle a wide range of cases. Contact our Troy office if you need assistance from any of the following types of lawyers:

Chances are you have questions after you've been hurt. Troy residents know - we dig deeper for the answers you need. Contact Hochman & Plunkett to speak with an attorney who knows how to get results. Take the first step toward obtaining the justice you deserve. Call our Troy office at 937-524-0115 to schedule a risk-free consultation. You can also contact us online or at our Springfield, Dayton, Cincinnati, or Columbus office locations.

Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Take your Troy, Ohio motorcycle accident seriously right from the start. Talk to a Troy motorcycle accident attorney at our law firm today. We can help you every step of the way. Our lawyers at Hochman & Plunkett Co., L.P.A. have more than 150 years of combined legal experience. We know what to do because we've been doing this work in Miami County and throughout Ohio for years.

So whether you're dealing with a motorcycle intersection accident on North Market Street or a high-speed crash on I-75, our legal team can be there for you when it matters most. We understand Ohio's laws and know what legal strategies often work best. We're also aware of the challenges many injured motorcyclists face.

Far too often, the driver who caused the crash blames the motorcyclist. And insurance companies sadly often agree with them and deny legitimate accident claims. Why? To try to save money. That's not right. That's why you can count on us to fight for your rights and to set the record straight. We know what evidence to look for. And we're prepared to dig deeper to uncover the truth.

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Truck Accident Lawyer

Troy, OH truck accidents can be very complicated legal cases. Unlike most accidents, crashes caused by commercial truck drivers often involve many different people and companies - the truck driver who caused your accident, the trucking company they work for, perhaps even the company that loaded the truck, and all their insurance companies and lawyers.

Our Troy, OH truck accident attorneys know how to handle all these people. We know what evidence to look for. We understand the unique state and federal laws governing truck accidents. And we're prepared to do the work that needs to be done to do the job right.

So whether you're dealing with a tractor-trailer accident or an 18-wheeler crash on East Main Street or jackknife truck accident or a rollover truck crash on I-75, we can demand the financial compensation you deserve to get your life back on track.

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Dog Bite Lawyer

Bitten by a dog in Troy, Ohio? Dealing with a dog attack involving you or a loved one? There are a lot of legal issues you need to carefully consider. That's why it's important to talk with a Troy, OH dog bite attorney who understands the laws governing dog attacks in Ohio. That's why we want to meet with you.

Our lawyers have more than 150 years of combined legal experience. We know what to do because we've been handling such complex cases in Miami County and throughout Ohio for years. There's no substitute for experience, no substitute for success.

Another factor that makes dog bite cases so complicated is you may know the owner of the dog that attacked you. As your attorney, we can deal with your friend's or family member's insurance company. That way, you can get the attention you deserve without worrying about losing a friendship that matters to you. Count on us when it counts. Contact our Troy, OH law firm today.

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