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Facing The Bureau Of Workers' Compensation

Serious work-related injuries often change a worker's life forever. Sometimes, worker's compensation benefits become critical not only to maintain a worker's lifestyle, but often for survival itself. Employers and the Bureau of Workers' Compensation aren't stupid. They know that in clear, serious injuries, benefits will be awarded. Employers and the Bureau of Workers' Compensation will often pay benefits they know will be paid, but appear to do so voluntarily in order to gain the trust of workers who do not know what their future holds. Often, workers will accept these benefits without seeking out attorneys who know the full picture - not only what benefits will be available today, but also, what benefits will be available in the future, if everybody involved in the worker's claim does what needs to be done.

Unfortunately, seriously-injured workers often find that things suddenly change. The benefits which are seemingly easy to come by are no longer being paid by the employer or the Bureau of Workers' Compensation. The employer and Bureau of Workers' Compensation personnel who seemed so eager to help the injured worker receive benefits have now become the enemy. The injured worker is left without assistance and confused by the system he or she thought was supposed to protect them, and which had been providing them with critical benefits.

Often, the injured worker will decide at that point to seek an attorney. At that point, the attorney beginning work, and the worker, him or herself, is left at a disadvantage. The employer and Bureau of Workers' Compensation may have spent months or years preparing for the ensuing fight through their monitoring of the claim and the injured worker, and may suddenly have obtained the critical evidence necessary to defeat or limit the injured worker's rights to receive future benefits. While an attorney may be willing and able to fight for the injured worker, sometimes that evidence is so great that it cannot be effectively overcome, and the injured worker is left to survive without the ability to obtain certain benefits which may last the rest of their life, simply because some evidence is obtained without the injured worker realizing that the evidence was obtained, or without realizing the importance of the evidence obtained.

Don't let that happen to you! If you have been seriously injured at work, don't let the employer and Bureau of Worker's Compensation mislead you, and don't assume that they are going to always be there for you. More likely, they are attempting to give you a false sense of security while providing you with benefits, but secretly planning to terminate your benefits at the most opportune time for them, and the least opportune time for you. Hochman & Plunkett dedicates their efforts to helping people like you. And, don't let concerns about paying for representation concern you. Hochman & Plunkett is willing to step into your claim even though we may not be paid immediately. Hochman & Plunkett often begins representing individuals who are already receiving benefits, and those individuals find that they continue to receive those benefits without losing them to attorney's fees even though they now have someone fighting for them. Call us today for a free consultation.

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