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Types Of Injuries That Qualify For Workers' Compensation

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Is Your Work Injury Compensable?

In general, any accident that occurred at work - or any accident that occurred while performing work-related tasks - is covered under workers' compensation law. This includes traumatic injuries that occur because of an accident as well as injuries that develop over time (such as carpal tunnel syndrome). This also includes injuries that occur off-site, provided that the employee was working: For example, if a worker was injured in a car accident while delivering products for his or her company.

The injury may be covered even if the employee was on his or her lunch break. It is advisable to speak to an attorney about the specific circumstances surrounding your workplace injury, to determine if your work injury is compensable.

What Types Of Injuries Are Covered?

All types of injuries that occur at work or due to work-related activities are covered by workers' compensation. This includes:

Back injuries, brain injuries, broken bones, soft tissue injuries, limb loss, and other illnesses and injuries can be the result of a workplace injury. Working with an experienced attorney is critical to ensure that your financial needs are met during your recovery and beyond.

What Types Of Injuries Are Not Covered?

There are certain injuries that may not be covered by workers' compensation insurance. However, it is important to talk to an attorney to see if special circumstances apply. In general, the following types of injuries are not compensable under workers' comp law:

  • Injuries sustained due to drug or alcohol use
  • Injuries sustained due to behavior that violated company policy
  • Pre-existing injuries or illnesses (except if a pre-existing injury is made worse by job conditions or duties)
  • Short-term, common illnesses such as the flu or a cold
  • Self-inflicted injuries
  • Injuries that occurred outside of your workplace, such as in your home or at the grocery store (unless you were performing job duties at an off-site location)

If your injury was caused by a negligent third party at work - the manufacturer of a malfunctioning machine, for example - you may be eligible for compensation in addition to workers' compensation.

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