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Work-Related Foot Injuries Can Be More Serious Than You Think

When we think of workplace injuries, we generally don't think about our feet. However, when doing physical work, workers spend a great deal of their time on their feet, and that plays an underrated role in workplace safety. According to an article by EHS Today, jobs requiring frequent lifting and long periods of standing can result in serious or...

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Nursing Fatigue Caused by Overtime

Nurses already have a tough job treating illnesses and injuries of patients. But what if the emergency room is understaffed? This can lead to a high-stress environment, longer hours, and an elevated risk of sustaining injuries and illnesses on the job. If you're a nurse in Ohio who has sustained an injury on the job,...

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Uncovering Slip and Fall Hazards in the Workplace

Slips and falls are the second-leading cause of workplace injuries (after overexertion), but a few simple corrective measures can protect both Ohio workers and their employers. You would think employers would want to guard the health of their workers, but that is not always the case. A report by EHS Today, an occupational health and...

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Fatigue Risk and Injuries Sustained on the Job

Research shows 13 percent of workplace injuries are linked to fatigue, which you might think would catch the attention of employers. You might think a concerned employer in Ohio would consider preventive action, such as adjusting work shifts or overtime policies, to protect the physical, mental and emotional health of their workers. Well, think again....

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Ohio’s Wellness Program Aims to Reduce Worker Injuries & Illnesses

The Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation has rolled out a health and wellness program designed to cut back on the number of on-the-job injuries and illnesses. According to a BWC press release, the program will be available for industries that have above-average injury rates. Owners of construction, agricultural or manufacturing businesses that have 50 or...

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Falls on Construction Sites Can Cause Serious Injuries

The building boom is everywhere. Construction sites mean jobs. More than 6.5 million Americans, including plumbers, roofers, carpenters, electricians, and demolition laborers, are in the building trades. And while the jobs are there, so is the danger. Enormous tools can fall from upper floors, bare wires can carry deadly electric charges, trenches can collapse while...

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Workers at Risk of On-The-Job Solvent Exposure

Millions of workers are exposed to organic solvents in products like paints, varnishes, lacquers, adhesives, glues, degreasers and cleaning agents - along with dyes, polymers, plastics, textiles, printing inks, agricultural products and pharmaceuticals. Public health experts have been advocating for a faster review of methylene chloride-based paint strippers after several deaths from inhalation, including a...

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